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October 28, 2021, 08:45:56 AM
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Author Topic: My Post About Yusuf on Friday  (Read 1163 times)
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« on: February 22, 2021, 09:56:07 PM »

On Friday just gone i made a post on here asking why the club had picked Yusuf to carry out interviews, and suggested that it was due to his ethnicity.

The point i was clumsily trying to make was that the club were "Virtue signalling" and trying to portray themselves as being more diverse than our crowds reflect. The post was aimed at the club, not Yusuf himself. I was not aware that he read this board.

Looking back on my post, i can now see that it was incredibly crass, ill judged and in poor taste. I have never met Yusuf, i have never communicated directly with him or sent him messages though other media, and i don't ever recall discussing him on here before.

After my initial post i am told there were comments made by others which were racist. I didn't see them before the post was deleted, but if that's the case then i utterly condemn them. Nobody should be subjected to that.

I have been absolutely devastated to see the effect my post has had. I am heartbroken to read this evening that Yusuf has now decided not to go ahead with his interviews. The thought that i have had an impact on someone's mental health makes me feel ashamed. In an online world it's sometimes easy to forget that a message board posting can impact someones real life.

Yusuf, if you are reading please accept my full apologies for any upset my post may have caused you. I started my original post by saying "We need all the fans we can get" and i stand by that. It was never my intention to sleight you personally. My intention was to query the way the club promotes some fans over others.

I really hope that Yusuf can re-think his decision and move forward from this.

This episode has caused me to seriously look at my own online behaviour, particularly during lockdown, and i plan to take a long, likely permanent, break from social media.

Once again, i unreservedly apologise to anyone who may have been upset by my previous post.

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