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October 30, 2020, 02:56:23 PM
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Author Topic: Anyone still buying the Covid rubbish?  (Read 1098 times)
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« Reply #50 on: September 16, 2020, 02:05:58 PM »

My boy went on holiday to Greece a few weeks back. While there, his group got friendly with other groups from various places around the UK. Some of these groups had been in the resort the previous weeks and had made other friendship groups who had already left.
The one thing that was immediately apparent to them was the fact that these kids were going home and testing positive for Covid-19.
It was absolutely rife around the resort. They were all saying that the official figures were all lies just to keep tourism going.
When my boy got home, he got tested, as did the twenty odd other kids they met and became friends with.
In total between all of them, 70% tested positive including my son. None of them, even to this day almost two weeks later, had any symptoms whatsoever.
We followed government guidelines and have quarantined ourselves.
Last weekend I woke up feeling unwell. Within 24 hours I had all symptoms and was feeling really ill.
Temperature wise, I was on fire. I was coughing constantly. The taste I had in my mouth was just foul.
To be honest, this thing made me feel awful for about five days.
I like to think I'm still fairly active at 53 years old. Still a full time manual worker. I walk approximately 1000-1500 miles per year.
I have no idea why I got hit so bad with it. Maybe the years of abuse when I was younger, like smoking and drinking heavily. Maybe just unlucky.

I will say though, I never felt like it was serious and I was going to need medical assistance.
I took paracetamol a couple of times when I felt at the worst but that was it.
One thing that did concern me though, was a small number of times during the past few days, for no reason whatsoever, I had a sudden loss of breath as if my lungs just instantly emptied of air. This forced me to pant heavily for a few breaths until it felt like I had returned to normal. A really strange experience.

I will never know for sure If I did actually have it. I tried to get a test every day for the five days stated but couldn't get one.

Started feeling much better last night so had a couple of glasses of red.

Trust the Boro to fuck up my first good day.


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« Reply #51 on: September 16, 2020, 05:08:23 PM »

and cats?

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« Reply #52 on: September 17, 2020, 07:55:33 AM »

Worst excuse for a flounce.





Goldby is a fuckin flouncing cunt.
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