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October 18, 2018, 05:44:31 PM
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News: TPs Red Army...

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 on: Today at 11:59:20 AM 
Started by RedcarJJ - Last post by Top Boy
Go back a couple of weeks and a significant amount of people were saying that the Salisbury poisoning were a UK plot to blame the Russians. Now it is accepted that the Russians did it.

People love to believe a conspiracy theory......

 on: Today at 11:54:47 AM 
Started by tunstall - Last post by Top Boy
I found Dublin pretty shit to be honest. The whole of the country seems about 20 years behind the UK.

Also, what other capital in the developed world has people travelling on horses in large numbers.

 on: Today at 11:52:03 AM 
Started by tunstall - Last post by towz
Sing Rule Britannia and be sure to wear a Union Jack :like:

 on: Today at 11:50:00 AM 
Started by tunstall - Last post by Steboro
Wear a puppy the locals love them. 

 on: Today at 11:47:50 AM 
Started by RedcarJJ - Last post by Steve Göldby
Could it not have been the millions of tons of concrete/steel collapsing around it that caused building 7 to fall?

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that it was a controlled explosion. It was blown up, same as the big two towers probably were.


 on: Today at 11:46:31 AM 
Started by Robbso - Last post by Robbso
Where's Matty, Tommy got him

 on: Today at 11:43:58 AM 
Started by coulbyboro. - Last post by Robbso
Never stopped you before charles

 on: Today at 11:43:30 AM 
Started by RedcarJJ - Last post by Steve Göldby
Not that i've read it, but what is the cover up? Did terrorists not Hijack 4 flights on that day and plough them into their intended targets?

This is a good place to start. Have a watch of this and tell me what you think...


 on: Today at 11:43:28 AM 
Started by Steve Göldby - Last post by Robbso
You can say that again :homer:

 on: Today at 11:40:22 AM 
Started by tunstall - Last post by Robbso
Kilkenny is better. Never mind, your'e not going there. :basil:

Canaries for me in january :homer:

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