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Title: Sadio Mane breaks transfer silence
Post by: headset on June 04, 2022, 05:50:24 AM
Sadio Mane has sensationally revealed he will do what Senegal people want when he was told '60 to 70 per cent' believe he should leave the club.


don't make me laugh and as good as a player he is and IMO he is world-class... why cant these footballers be honest with us - we get some of the pundits will often sit on the fence and roll out he might want a new challenge -[- yea right O ... so nothing to do with the 17 million a year  Bayern Munich are offering...

you are allowed to say I can't turn that type of coin down and, get called a greedy bastard :monkey: - do they think the rest of us would turn it down - I wouldn't & you could call me what you want for 17 million a year

Why else would he leave a top top Liverpool side to go there - on this occasion, it is not a step up move ........... Good luck to him if he is chasing the money - he won't be the 1st or last footballer to do it

Title: Re: Sadio Mane breaks transfer silence
Post by: Westlane_rightwinger on June 04, 2022, 10:47:37 AM
Possibly because he recognises what a vile club they are.

Murders in Heysel, Hillsbrough and dropping concrete slabs on some Bulgarian kid’s head(Carragher tried to defend that).

Tapping up Souness, Hodgson, Johnston and Zeige. In return we got Boersma who was shite. This alone is enough to despise them for life. But there’s more. Teessiders incapable of growing up who follow them deserve a good hiding. I have no time for other weak and pathetic Turncoat, Traitors of Teesside who follow other vacuous bigger clubs.

Their fan base is largely plastics and other desperate hangers on with inferiority complexes. Most scousers follow Everton. This has always led to them being a fairly disunited lot that have never had a mob. I don’t hold with kids, women and fellas not out for trouble being attacked. But their relative affluence coupled with arrogance and naïvety made them easy pickings in Paris with no mob to back off what the French police describe as locals. “Les immigrés de banlieu” are mainly North African Muslims from the former French colonies. When Paddy the Baddy is admitting he’s shitting bricks you know you are in the doo doo.

The problem when you cry wolf day and night is people stop listening. Booing the national anthem hasn’t helped their cause. Luckily Napoleon Macron’s opponents have picked up on the disorder and will have a field day on the mass Muslim immigration and disunity with France, a problem we can identify with. So at least some good will come out of it.

Title: Re: Sadio Mane breaks transfer silence
Post by: headset on June 04, 2022, 02:33:07 PM

I'm glad they are only my second team!

you sound like zorro/jedi from OTR he gets stuck into all things Teesside/Liverpool related - it gets his back up as well