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Title: Fan stamped on by footballer Oli McBurnie
Post by: headset on May 21, 2022, 04:28:17 AM
feared he was ‘going to die’ - I think that's a bit over the top like - if he was getting stamped on the head then maybe panic might set in. A bit of bodywork as bad as it sounds is just that.

I'm no legal boffin but my two take on the 3 incidents of late.

the cunt who done Billy Sharp was well out of order..

McBurnie might find himself in some kind of hot water..

Likewise, Viera who I have sympathy for on this instance might also find himself in hot water for a lashing out - is verbal enough to lash out - given the old sticks and stones saying what will the law say :what:

unless video evidence decides things - then the wallet might well do its job - if they get the fixers at work & grafting away :monkey:

I also understand why some players don't like to press charges etc - Not everyone want's to be known as a 'coppers pencil' and have that stamped on their CV.

So not sure why the head cop from the intelligence unit is piping off!

That's my take on matters - lets see how it plays out in the days to come..